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A wholehearted welcome from our founder:

Emerging victorious from my personal battle with gambling addiction, I founded The Gambling Clinic, a beacon for those seeking a way out of the darkness. This pursuit was born from the very depths of my struggle and the discovery of a calling that resonated beyond my challenges: to offer unwavering support to others battling with a gambling addiction in Canada.
Before this mission claimed my heart, I navigated the corporate landscapes of tech sales at Microsoft and the iGaming sectors at BetMGM, PointsBet (now Fanatics), and Boyd Gaming (Stardust Casino). My tenure in these realms granted me a rare perspective—an insider’s view of the industry’s mechanisms designed to ensnare players, from bonusing schemes and VIP programs to other subtle lures. I now use this knowledge to educate and shield you from the very tactics that feed addiction.
Compelled by my dual insights as a recovering compulsive gambler and a former iGaming insider, at 30, I redirected my path, towards earning a master’s degree with the dedicated purpose of launching The Gambling Clinic. My 15-year entanglement with sports betting, poker, and casino games has transformed into a dedication to service, channeling my learned wisdom into helping others break free from the clutches of gambling addiction.
The journey to recovery is one I know intimately. I am intimately acquainted with the doubts cast on advice from those who haven’t walked in our shoes. As someone who has walked the treacherous path and emerged whole, I stand as living proof that a balanced and fulfilling life is attainable. With my blend of experience, strength, and hope, I am here to guide you to recovery and to a life brimming with possibility.
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At The Gambling Clinic, Pat has assembled a top-tier team of therapists, selected as the finest 2% from a rigorous screening process, and trained in the most advanced psychotherapy techniques. With an impressive success rate where 8 in 10 clients experience full recovery or substantial improvements, our therapists – many of whom have invested hundreds of hours in personal mindfulness practice – are adept at delivering personalized, effective therapy. Rejecting one-size-fits-all solutions, we focus on a unique, evidence-based approach to overcome gambling addiction, tailoring our methods to meet each client’s specific needs. Our commitment is to provide impactful therapy sessions that respect your time and resources, continuously monitoring progress to ensure your path to a lasting, fulfilling life free from gambling is well-navigated.

Our Areas of Expertise

We help our clients with a range of concerns, which may include:

How do we help you recover from a gambling addiction?

We take an integrative approach to treatment that is based on the unique concerns and needs of each person. Our approach may include the following:

Identify and Understand Your Triggers

Treatment for underlying conditions

Acknowledge the Problem

Relapse prevention skill-building

Set goals for your life

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Removing toxic friends and avoiding triggering places

Managing your money


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