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1 on 1 Gambling Therapy Toronto

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Effective 1 on 1 Approach to
Overcoming Gambling Addiction

Our highly skilled therapists, who hold master’s or PhD degrees, possess personal experiences in successfully overcoming gambling addiction. If you or a loved one is committed to ending this destructive habit, we are equipped to provide the necessary support and guidance using an evidence-based approach.Many individuals who have achieved significant progress in their recovery often find that receiving personalized, one-on-one assistance from a therapist is crucial for real transformation and the attainment of a healthier lifestyle in their battle against gambling addiction.

Addressing Underlying Causes
of Gambling Addiction

Almost every person struggling with gambling addiction has an underlying cause that can be addressed with the assistance of a therapist. By delving into deep-seated trauma and unresolved issues, we can effectively tackle the root factors that drive your addiction. Without resolving the underlying anxiety, depression, trauma, and mindset, achieving recovery can be challenging due to the deeply ingrained habit of seeking solace in the world of gambling

All of Our Therapists have Triumphed Over Their Own Gambling Addictions

Recovering from a gambling addiction is an arduous journey, and our therapists truly understand its challenges because each one of them has personally triumphed over their own struggles. With their extensive educational background, holding master’s or PhD degrees, combined with their lived experience, they possess a unique perspective that allows them to empathize and relate to your thoughts and struggles. Their shared story and similar thought patterns make them exceptionally qualified to guide you on the path to recovery. Who could be better equipped to demonstrate the way forward than professionals who have successfully emerged from the grips of gambling addiction themselves?

Integrating Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, and Spirituality: The Comprehensive Approach

In 2020, Dr. Paul Kelly founded The Clinic as a sanctuary for individuals grappling with compulsive gambling, providing them with a trusted haven to seek therapists who are not only well-versed in cutting-edge psychotherapy methods but also possess personal lived experiences of overcoming gambling addiction. The success of our dedicated team of therapists is attested by the positive ratings received from thousands of patients, with an impressive track record of helping 8 out of 10 clients achieve recovery or substantial improvement in their lives.

What’s Next?

As you can see, therapy can take on many forms. Whether you are looking for short-term advice, long-term self-exploration, an unbiased perspective on your circumstances, or a specific therapy approach, we can offer sessions tailored to your needs. Our trained Intake Team will help match you with the best therapist for you in terms of personality and therapeutic approach.

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