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Total Gambling Recovery Pacakge

We have meticulously curated a comprehensive package that encompasses all facets of gambling recovery, equipping you with the necessary tools to achieve success on your journey towards recovery.

Partnering with Canadian Banks to Overcome Gambling Triggers

In collaboration with prominent Canadian banks, we have established a unique money management program aimed at supporting individuals in their recovery from gambling addiction. Recognizing that money often acts as a powerful trigger for gamblers, we offer a solution that involves granting limited access to your finances and credit. By doing so, we aim to assist you in focusing on your recovery journey while removing the means necessary for gambling.

Empowering Abstinence with Our Gambling-Blocking Software

Our proprietary software will be implemented across all your devices, effectively blocking access to casinos, sportsbooks, or any other forms of gambling you may be prone to. By deploying this gambling-blocking technology, we aim to support you during challenging times, ensuring that you can abstain from gambling even during your most vulnerable moments.

Guided Through Challenges: Dedicated Connections to Legal, Financial, and Credit Experts

We have established exclusive connections for our clients with a team of lawyers, credit counselors, and financial planners, ensuring comprehensive assistance regardless of the challenges you may be facing. We understand the depths of rock bottom and are committed to supporting you throughout your journey, providing guidance and aid in overcoming any obstacles and discovering a more fulfilling way of life.

1 on 1 Gambling Treatment

It all begins with personalized 1-on-1 therapy, arresting your addiction and setting you on the path to recovery with an individualized approach.

Family Therapy Options

Recognizing the evident physical and mental harm caused by addiction, it is crucial to acknowledge the broader impact on the family unit as well.

Families play a multifaceted role in the recovery of an addict, making their involvement vital to the treatment process.

While family members may understandably be concerned about their loved one’s addiction, they also face their own challenges in dealing with the consequences of addictive behaviors.

Family therapy serves to enhance the effectiveness of treatment for both the client and the family members affected by addiction.

Beyond achieving sobriety and restoring health, our primary objective is to initiate healing and strengthen the familial bond among our clients. Through Family Therapy, we aspire to transform resentment and anger into love and understanding.

Gambling Addiction Intervention

It can be extremely challenging to help a loved one struggling with addiction. Those struggling with addiction are often in denial about their situation, and are often unwilling to seek treatment. They often do not fully understand the negative effects their behaviour has on their own lives, much less the lives of those around them, including children, spouses, parents, other family members, friends or colleagues.

A professional intervention is a powerful way to get an addict to truly address their addiction problems and to make a drastic lifestyle change. At one time there was a belief that an addict could not be helped until they “hit bottom”. That should not be the case.


We are committed to helping you sustain your recovery. We help you develop realistic goals to continue working on after you leave our care, and we provide you with a flexible and individualized aftercare plan.

What’s Next?

Welcome to The Gambling Clinic, Toronto’s premier destination for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. We want every single person that is treated by the clinic to recover and that is our goal. We specialize in only gambling and we are the only clinic to do so.
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