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You deserve the best gambling therapist!

At The Gambling Clinic Therapy, we understand that you aspire to overcome gambling addiction and flourish in all areas of your life. To achieve this, you require a therapy partner who is not only equipped with the necessary tools, resources, and support but also has firsthand experience in overcoming such challenges. We’re here to guide you on this journey with empathy and expertise, having walked the path to recovery ourselves.

Virtual Treatment for Gambling Addiction Across Canada

Welcome to The Gambling Clinic, Canada’s premier destination for individuals struggling with a gambling addiction. We want every person that is treated by our clinic to recover; that is our goal. 

We are Canada’s only clinic to specialize solely in gambling addiction treatment. Founded and run by recovering compulsive gamblers, we have an intimate understanding of what you’re going through because we’ve lived it – and overcome it.

Struggling with gambling addiction? You are not alone. At The Gambling Clinic, our sole mission is helping you overcome this challenging disorder. You’ll get the tools and support needed to stop gambling, manage urges, and maintain recovery. We’ll help you uncover the root causes of your addiction, build healthy coping strategies, and transform your relationship with gambling – through a secure video call.

You deserve a fulfilling life free from the grips of gambling addiction. We’re here to listen, guide, and empower you to take control back. Don’t wait. Reach out today and start rewriting your story!

Virtual Therapy for Gambling Addiction Led by Recovered Compulsive Gamblers

Who better to guide you than those who have walked the path? As compulsive gamblers in recovery, we founded The Gambling Clinic with firsthand knowledge of what it truly takes to heal.

Virtual Gambling Treatment

Virtual treatment makes specialized support for gambling addiction recovery more accessible than ever. 

By meeting with accredited therapists online, you can get help from the comfort of your own home.

Online therapy allows you to start treatment quickly, with initial appointments available very quickly. Sessions fit your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Therapy Grounded in Lived Experience

Founded and run by compulsive gamblers in recovery, we intimately understand the struggles you face.

Our multifaceted treatment integrates clinical techniques with insights from lived experience. We will walk beside you on the road to recovery.

We are living proof that freedom from this addiction is possible. Let us guide you step-by-step towards reclaiming your life.

Become Our Next Success Story

No matter where you are in your journey, we will walk with you every step towards a healthier future free of gambling.

Our team brings compassion without judgment. Whether you’ve stolen money, lost relationships, or hit rock bottom – we know the guilt and hopelessness intimately.

Discover meaning and purpose again. Transform your life. Let our experience guide you down the road to recovery. 

A Beacon of Hope: Your Path to Freedom from Gambling Addiction

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Welcome to The Gambling Clinic, Toronto’s premier destination for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. We want every single person that is treated by the clinic to recover and that is our goal. We specialize in only gambling and we are the only clinic to do so.

A Message From Our Founder, Pat Mazza.

Pat Mazza - Founder

My name is Pat Mazza. As someone who once struggled with gambling addiction, I founded The Gambling Clinic to be the lifeline I wished I had.

Following my own rock bottom brought on by gambling addiction, I resolved to not only reconstruct my own life but also to assist others on their recovery journey. To equip myself with the necessary expertise and qualifications, I enrolled in a master’s degree, paving the way for the establishment of The Gambling Clinic.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in the iGaming industry, with insider roles at BetMGM, PointsBet, and Stardust Casino, coupled with my own successful recovery, I have developed a unique and empathetic approach to helping individuals navigate their way to a gambling-free life.

Now in long-term recovery, my purpose is paying forward the help I received. The Gambling Clinic exists to let others know: your story is not defined by its worst chapter. Renewal is possible. My personal journey from addiction to recovery inspires our approach. Combining clinical excellence with the wisdom of lived experience, we empower you to transform your relationship with gambling and reclaim your fullest life.

Click here to read my full story and the story of The Gambling Clinic.

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